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Friday, May 3, 2013

Personal Gwyneth Paltrow Feelings

Been ruminating on this dress GP wore to The Iron Man Premier.  I'm totally crazy about it.  But more importantly, this rumination led me to a higher level of understanding for Gwyneth.

I'm naming it.  Personal Gwyneth Paltrow Feelings.  As you know, there is a power in naming, a reclamation of power in inventing a personal lexicon that speaks your truth.   I'm gonna take it one step further and Acronym it. Personal Gwyneth Paltrow Feelings = PGPF.  We ALL have them and from observation, I have seen them run the gamut from idolatry to vicious derision.  (spell check just tried to change vicious to VISCOUS which got me thinking about VISCOUS DERISION which made me feel violated and confused so I re-focused)  Anyway my PGPF about this dress are nothing other than YES! and Hoot Hoot!

I'm fine with her ass hanging out.  I mean she probably has a PHD in the Tracy Anderson Method.  Tracy's motto is "Trying to help women get to their tiniest and strongest."  Which to me feels insidious ALTHOUGH ADMITTEDLY MY WORKOUT IS VERY SIMILAR.  I mean, I'M IN THE FREAKING MATRIX JUST LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE.  OF COURSE, I ENCOURAGE YOU TO HAVE WHATEVER ORGANIC PERSONAL TRACY ANDERSON FEELINGS YOU NEED TO HAVE ABOUT THAT.

A dress and its mommy haven't made me so happy since well, since last Wednesday when Kate Middleton made an appearance at The National Portrait Gallery in London.

ADORBS!  The shade, the shape, the hands on the baby bump, the 1/2 up, 1/2 down, ALL distracting me from the GODDAMN NUDE PANTY HOSE AND YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT THAT!  Oh Kate, you had me from the charity lingerie fashion show at St. Andrews when you DEMANDED William took notice of you.


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  1. i love everything about this. except gwyneth. but thats my problem.

    good one.