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Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Carrie Mulligan obsession in its infancy

Well.......sigh.......this is NOT something I'm proud of.  I think it's a little boring to have 2 posts in a row about gamine blonde white girls.  But there sure are a lot of them milling around the fashion landscape. HERDS I TELL YOU! HERDS!  However, when fashion truths happen, they happen.  They must be spoken.  Or all truths really. (That has always been my role in the family system too.  I say truths the family doesn't want to acknowledge and then get blamed for blowing shit up. LOL!)  So, this ISN'T EASY for me to once again have the BURDEN of being the TRUTH sayer.

BUT Carrie Mulligan SHUT IT THE F**K DOWN in this incredibly elegant Christian Dior white dress. IT HAPPENED.  I CAN'T IGNORE THE FASHION TRUTH. (previous sentence meant to be screamed like Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men.) I would have done a bolder earring. Cray Cray about the platinum hair.

No sir Jack Nicholson.  Not to me.  Not today.  All I do, day in day out, is HANDLE THE F*CKING TRUTH.  Good day sir.

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  1. I always catch feces for saying what everyone else is thinking too. I guess someone has to be the black sheep...I gotta say Carrie looks lovely but might be a little too slim. her head looks a bit big for her teeny body.