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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sister Heiresses The Von Thurn Und Taxis

Put your seat belt on.  This one's a doozy.

Princess Elisabeth Margarethe Maria Anna Beatriz Prinzessin von Thurn and Taxis
and her sister heiress
Princess Maria Theresia Ludowika Klothilde Helene Alexandra, Prinzessin von Thurn und Taxis
and they have a brother heiress heir
Prince Albert Maria Lamoral Miguel Johannes Gabriel

Yep, that's them.  

Nepotism X Factor: 1.) They're royalty.  2.)They are the children of the late Prince Johannes, whose family invented the postal service in Europe in the 14th century, and his wife Countess Maria Gloria of Schönburg-Glauchau.    

The mutter's outfit is Next Level.  You can tell from the previous picture that she regularly opts for this faux-milk-maid-corsetted-look.  It makes me uncomfortable.  But, I'm not German royalty, so...  And yes, I'm thinking what you're thinking.  Maria has made an unusual sister heiress choice with the brunette.

Here's Maria as a blonde with her mom.  I think it's working for her.

Frankly, yes.  Yes to Maria and what she is offering in this photo.
gold clutch + avocado pashy + red lip + to die shades + committed bang line = love
Not much info on Maria.  She keeps a much lower profile than lil' sis Elisabeth.

Factoid  ***When their dad died they inherited  one of the largest privately-owned forests in Europe.***  
Among other things.  I'm sure.

{Brauer Photos}

Princess Elizabeth enjoys activities like blogging, modeling and "beating."

"Beating is practiced in a group, when the hunters are waiting in a previously determined places while one or more beaters with or without hunting dogs comb a definite forest area, disturbing the game and driving it towards the hunters. This kind of hunting is permitted in full daylight between October 31 and March 31 of the following year."


From a "Z" Elizabeth to an "S" Elisabeth, we're different.  I get that.  But, I'm gonna be honest, that sounds like an afternoon in HELL.

Elisabeth released a book in 2010 about her search for, wait   for    it,   God.
That's right.  Because she is a good Catholic.  The link below is an interview with her at a book signing where she discusses her search for the Lord via "the five senses."  And if that weren't enough, with pride, she wants you to know the forward was written by
"Pope Benedict XVI's brother, Georg Ratzinger. Someone that Elizabeth and the Thurn und Taxis family has known for a long time."  She says she really likes him because he represents, among other things, the pious and sensual (HUH?) nature of the faith.

The faith of Children

Can't WAIT to get my hands on that!

AND, guess who are BFF'S???????

The Scarry sisters and EVTUT!!!!
Look!  Sister heiresses in their natural habitat doing what they do, Photo-opping!
Olympia Scarry and Elisabeth VTUT.  See how I'm putting it all together for you???  SEE??  

Elisabeth VTUT and Fiona Scarry (Remember Fiona in the succulents?  Ha. Ha.)

Olympia Scarry and Elisabeth VTUT

Now, I know this post is a lot to digest.  Just let it sit with you a while and come back to it.  It's like a problem you can't solve.  Your mind will work on it unconsciously and more will be revealed. 


  1. What hideous girls. And friends of Pope Ratty? Around here, we despise that nazi.

  2. Princess Gloria's milkmaid outfit is called drindal. It is the traditional dress.

  3. thanks for the photos, I like you in black & white. But is Gloria singing at all these days?

  4. The girls are looking very nice. Thanks for the pictures. I really love them to see.